Takarisa Started YouTube!

Takarisa(Risako Takahashi)

Introduce Japan’s fascinations to the world!

Hi I’m Takarisa.

My name is Takahashi Risako, nice to meet you.


I just started YouTube today, yay!!

I really couldn’t wait. So excited.


This is my very first video

I’ll introduce myself

I’m Takahashi Risako

Just call me Takarisa



My favorite things are

Disney, USJ, etc.

I mean, I like theme parks


where everybody say WOW

and everybody’s happy anyway

The atomosphere makes me happy

So I like these kind of places

Other than those

recently I’m so into Instagram

I’d say I like most of the things

that most girls like


You know, you care about love, right?

“What do guys think of me?”

“What should I do??”

I want to upload videos to

you know

show you how to do in a situation


First of all, about beauty


I was worried about my freckles too much

Now I’m trying hard to brighten them with lights

And I hate my round face


I don’t like my squared face line either

Like this

Girls have lots of worries


I wasn’t sophisticated before

I want to show you how to glow you up in a video


I’ll upload videos

especially for girls

I’ll keep studying too


I’ll introduce you as long as

I know and I will know


Please check out my videos

OK! I’ll keep doing

like this


Please subscribe to my channel

and thumbs up!

Your thumbs will encourage me to tell you

latest good info! For real!!


Anyway this is what I’m gonna do

Please subscribe, everybody


Anyway I started YouTube like this

Please check out my videos

Thank you from Takarisa


Thanks guys

for watching through this video



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