Rumi SONOKOCAFE The Five Day Diet Program


Hi, hi
It’s me, Rumi

I’m gonna do some new challenge from today
I am at one of the places that I’ve introduced before


I’m gonna participate in this diet program
where I eat SONOKOCAFE’s non-oil food
twice a day for five days
and see how much weight I’ll lose

I’m so excited how this is gonna be!
Let’s head there
SONOKOCAFE is located in a great area in Ginza
Look at this

The first floor is a cafe
The second floor is where they have cosmetics

They open at 9 in the morning
So you can come here for breakfast

Non-oil dressing,
or things laminated like this

They have a lot like dressing, tsuyu, etc
Meat sauce, curry…
I’ve had their curry before
and that was amazing

Stew was also great
And deli like this
You just have to microwave
or bake it, so it’s so easy!!

This is the five-day diet menu 
that I’m gonna start from today 

You can choose your lunch from here
and dinner from here

I’m so full
It was fulfilling

This is Sonoko Suzuki
I’ve just weighed myself
I can’t believe what I saw

I’m so excited how much I’ll be able to lose in five days
I just stared today… so exciting

Day 1 ~lunch~
Grilled cod and root veggies with tomato basil sauce

Day 1 ~dinner~
Beaten egg style oyako-don

Day 2 ~lunch~
Tofu humberg steak with chicken breast
You can get it to go

Day 2 ~dinner~
Japanese beef stew

Day 3 ~lunch~
Japanese beef sukiyaki-don

Day 3 ~dinner~
Simmered mackerel with miso

Day 4 ~lunch~
Vinegar pork with veggies

Day 4 ~dinner~
Non-oil pork curry

I just finished the day four dinner

I’ve lost 2.5kg already
I’m gonna weigh myself again
tomorrow night
My goal is to lose 4kg
Let’s see if I can achieve that goal

Final day


Look at my outfit of the day
Sneakers, sweat, and a cap
This is the last day, so I wanna try my best
and go to a rock spa to sweat a lot
I still got time till tonight
So I’ll do my best

Can I achieve my goal…!?
Let’s go get the last lunch!

I met Yuki who’s joining the same diet program
She’s from
andGIRL Super Mates

What’re you gonna have today, Yuki?

It was something like ginger pork…
You mean sweet-and-sour pork?
Is that sweet-and-sour pork?
Yes, it is
It looks so good

What day is it today for you?
It’s my third day

Good luck
This is my last lunch

It’s the same from the first day
Grilled cod and root veggies with tomato basil sauce

I’m having it again because it’s my favorite

I just finished lunch at SONOKOCAFE
Let’s see how much fat I can burn till dinner time

I’ve intoroduced the place called STC before
This is the one in Yoyogi

I wanna have my body
de-tox and cleanse from the inside

It’s pretty warm today
but I’m wearing Gokudan Heattech by Uniqlo
under the jacket
and spats under sweat pants

I’m gonna sweat a lot today

Done with STC
I feel so refreshed

I’m gonna head to a rock spa next
Diet is hard…
But I’ve already set my goal, I’m gonna lose 4kg


Recap of the diet

SONOKOCAFE five day non-oil diet challenge
SONOKOCAFE non-oil diet
Healthy and yet so fulfilling!!
I’ve had food like this
After the last lunch

Today’s my last day of
SONOKOCAFE diet program
Going to a rock spa that is known to be good for anti-aging care
as well as detoxing from diet
and sweating
is so good for anti-aging care
It’s also good for skin
so I’m gonna go to a rock spa

My favorite one

Let’s go!

I just changed into this yukata-looking clothes
No shooting allowed because there are other people too
I’m gonna get in now

30minutes later

30minutes has passed
Wow… I’ve sweated a lot…
I’m gonna go for another 30minutes
Look at this… wow
Let’s go

Aenothr 30minutes later

Wow… look
I was there for over an hour
I feel great
I sweated a lot
Can you see this?
So refreshing

I weighed myself after this… I’ve lost 3kg from the first day

So I’m done at the rock spa
That was so refreshing
My skin feels so much nicer
Rock spa is good for anti-aging care
It warms up from inside of your body with far-infrared rays
warms up your organs too
good for your health

It helps remove waste products within the body and good for diet
And you know, you sweat when you’re in a rock spa
or a sauna
and that waterly sweat is good for your skin
because it helps
sebum secretion!
This rock spa is perfect for
beauty, diet and anti-aging care
I’m going there regularly
Good for anti-aging, health,
and diet
So please try and go!!

I’m taking a walk in Ginza

I’ve came here like five days straight
I know Ginza so well now

I know which way leads to which
I was never familiar with the area before
But it’s getting like my hometown now

Ginza is my favorite area now
I’m sweating
Hot coffee
I’m drinking black coffee from Starbucks
I’m sweating
I’m gonna start heading to SONOKOCAFE now

Last dinner

It’s my last day
I’m gonna have chopped vegetables and bits of pork in clear, thick sauce over rice
Cooked without using any oil
I can’t believe they didn’t use any oil
This is great
Lots of side dish
It’s so fulfilling


I’m so nervous… I’m gonna weigh myself now


I’m wearing the same clothes from the day 1
Let’s do this
I’m so nervous
I’ve lost 3kg… I didn’t hit my target though
Lost 3kg in five days
I wanna do this every month
if i can lost 3kg in five days

I’m into non-oil food now
I bought organic bread
and curry bread
My body feels light and I wake up in a good mood
And my skin feels smoother

I wanna try this non-oil diet every month
because it’s good for my body, both inside and outside
and this will result in anti-aging care
so it’s really important
Once every month

Please go visit SONOKOCAFE
Not only for five days
They also have regular purchases plan and an online store
I’ll leave the details in bio
Check it out

If you live close
please join their five-day diet program
It’s really fun

So that was SONOKOCAFE diet

Huge success!!
If there is more fun diet
I will make another video
See you later