Kakamu Aya’s Introduction

Kakamu Aya

Hello everybody!

Lost in Japan 20, I’m Kakamu Aya.

I’m working as a nurse and also as a model.

From a perspective of a nurse,

I’ll tell you secret diet and beauty methods through my videos.

First of all, to tell you who I am, I prepared these


[20 questions to myself]


Give me high five!


Q1. What do you do?

Fashion model and nurse.

As a fashion model, I mainly appear in shows.

You might not believe but I appeared in Kansai collection.

Smug :b


Q2. Why did you become a nurse?

At first I wanted to work at a nursery school.

But when I told my dream to my mom.

She told me the reality: too much over work; low salary.

What my mom told me made me give up my dream.


Later, my aunt’s husband got ill and entered hospital.

Everytime I visited him, I saw nurses.


Seeing how they were working, I started to respect them.


That’s why I chose this job.

Nurses are cool!

I’m working at a beauty clinic.


Q3. Why are you working at a beauty clinic?

I’ve been here for a year and 6 months.

I worked at a city hospital for 3 years before.

For a year and a half, at a plastic surgery, mainly taking care of fracture.

Then HUC for another year and a half  taking care of emergency patients  who can’t be cared in a ward.

After working there for 3 years I moved to this beauty clinic.


Q4. What do you do in your free time?

I like playing acoustic guitar and golf.


My favorite songs are “Nagori-yuki” by Iruca and “Sakuragicho” by Yuzu.

I haven’t played golf for about a year (Maybe I can’t call it my hobby…)

I do a round with my mom.

My best score isn’t high at all.


Q5. Why did you decide to become a model?

When I was 18, Bijin-dokei and I would do an extra.

I was a student too.

So I wasn’t really serious.

In the third year as a professional nurse, I saw an add of a job on Instagram Story.

It reminded me of my dream to become a model.

I decided to do it seriously.

I was around 25.


Q6. Who’s the model you admire?

Midori Kuzuoka, Michopa, and Takahashi Mary June.

Among actresses I like Igawa Haruka. She’s so beautiful.


Q7. What TV program are you interested in?

I like variety shows: All-star Thanksgiving Festival, Shabekuri 007…

It’s beyond my reach.


Q8. What’s your dream?

I am studying for Japan cosmetic licensing exam to get a license of cosmetic concierge.

I can deepen my knowledge of beauty.

Also I can learn how to use cosmetics appropriately.

I’m particular about food too.

I’m studying about food.

Using my knowledge as a worker at a beauty clinic, I want to advice people professional beauty methods.


Q9. What kind of star do you wanna be?

As a beauty professional, I want to be a star supported by people in various fields.

I want to challenge many things not only in beauty field.


Q10. Do you have a boyfreind?

I haven’t had a relationship for more than a year…omg

But I’m doing what I wanna do now. So I wanna concentrate it.


Q11. What type do you like?

Regardless of sex, I like whom I can respect:

Who listen to me;

Who tells me anything;

Storong-welled men and women.


Q12. What do you care most about beatuy?

Moisturizing to avoid dryness and dullness.

I care much about my diet too.

I do lymphatic massage to my entire body every day without fail.


Q13. How much do you spend on beauty?

About 20,000 or 30,000 yen per month.

I care about my appearance so much.

I spend money to reduce cellulite of my legs or korgi face massage.

I don’t spend much money on my hair instead.


Q14. What’s your favorite brand?

Among fashion brands: M.duex

Among cosmetics brands: Dior

I’m not so particular about it. I use various brands.


Q15. What’s your favorite food?

What I think the yummies food in the world is

THE TKG (raw egg on rice) !!!

I like mekabu and wakame stalk too. I eat them mixed with rice.

I don’t eat flour much cuz I like gulten-free.


I don’t like junk foods .


But when I keep eating healthy food, I feel like gorge on something and then…

I am not against my desire! (You eat! ∠( ゚д゚)/ )


Q16. What are you into?

Studying about beauty.


Q17. What do you wanna start doing?

Kick boxing.

I protect myself. I wanna be stronger.

I go to the gym to work out but I wanna do kick boxing.


Q18. What part-time jobs have you experienced?

McDonald’s: 7 years

Komeda Coffee: 1 year and 6 months

A French restaurant: 3 years

I worked at a convenience store only one day

Celling Zespri’s kiwiin the store and promoting cell phones

An event girl

An extra

I did various jobs.


Q19. Tell us a recent terrible story

The man nextdoor… in the early morning, around 5:00 or 6:00,

Clang! Clang! Clang!

He was knocking with an iron stick.

Oh no just have a heart!

It woke me up too early.

Goddamn!! I couldn’t sleep!


Q20. Message to the audience

Women in their 20s have various worries  about the skin that teens don’t know.

Using proper knowledge, you can be an attractive “bi-majo” when you reach 30, 40 or even 50.


I’d like to tell you a lot of right knowledge not only about beauty but also nutrition.

I hope many people will enjoy learning from my videos.


Let’s be more beautiful together!


Please follow me.

Thank you so much! Bye bye!