[Instaresque]Ideal for a date! Popular fashionable cafe!




Hi it’s RUMI

Today I want to introduce

a very great cafe that I recommend

which is at the top flooe of the

new mantion,

built last ? or the year before last year.

The name is Rose Maries




This is my favourite site for meetings and lunches and

I also come here on my own.

I really love this place so,

everyone please watch.



I joined the event

where you can harvest vegetables like this

at the top floor of the new mansion.



I got to the 6th floor


this is Rose Maries.

It is so pretty!

So I will be going in now.




really pretty

the inside is really pretty like this

you also have a terrace and

it is the best when the wheather is nice.


This terrace!

The interior is great like here


(You can choose simple pasta and home made raw pasta course from the menu)



I chose this one!

Flat iron lague, homemade linguine.

I love linguine

A flat and sticky pasta

I will have it!



(Flat iron lague, homemade linguine)



(Rose hip tea)






This is the dessert.


Looks delicious!

ROSEMARY’s, it was so tasty.

I am full.




The three recommendations for ROSEMARY’s,

First one is

it is really good for insta

so fashionable

really pretty


and second,

the space is very open and you can talk in a relaxed atmosphere




very delicious food



You can see menu popular for girl which you don’t find in Japan


So please everyone,

It is really good access from Shinjuku and BASTA Shinjuku.

you can come quickly from the MIRAINA tower ticket hall.

I recommend for tthe good access.

Please visit.


RORY’s … no


Please visit !

Bye bye