From Skin Care to Makeup – Popular Makeup Video KOBA + Rumi Recommended Cosmetics; Be Popular and Attract Guys


Hi hi! I’m Rumi!

Today I have a guest.

Hair make & stylist KOBA chan!!

With KOBA chan I collaborated for the first time.

Recently on Instagram my fans gave me many questions and comments about beauty and makeups. With KOBA chan, a beauty expert, professional person, I will give advices and tell you how-to solve the problems.


KOBA chan:

Sorry about the important first guest is me.


KOBA chan presents “KOBA channel/KOBA” on YouTube which shows you basic skills and give useful information about hair make. I collaborated it.

Today KOBA chan put me make up, so my skin looks glowing.

She made my flat nose seem long, tee-hee

Now let’s start!



Please teach me glowing sexy makeup to avoid a glossy and oily skin.


[Model Rumi’s Advice]

I always care about moisturizing my skin. It helps avoid a glossy and oily skin.

I didn’t take time to care my skin when I was a young gal. But when I became around 30 I realized I should change

my method. I learned that I should keep lotion in my hand until it becomes warm. Then my makeup last well.

Before it easily came off, running and my face became like a zombie lol

Moisturizing helps holding power. It’s totally different now.

KOBA chan recommended me this Dior’s Backstage face grow pallet.

This is really awesome!! I strongly recommend this.


[Stylist KOBA chan’s Advice]

That’s definitely right to penetrate moist from pores. Many people use lotions quickly and can’t get moist.

To moisturize from pores, I use this lotion.

BVC cosmetics

It’s made from hot spring water and contains ceramide and female hormone. Women around 30 can’t produce female on their own anymore, so they need to take in.

It’s better to use light lotion many times rather than sticky one.

Choose a smooth one. Regardless of a brand, ones with hot spring water tend to be smooth. It’s a natural treatment. After soaking in a hot spring, your skin become smooth, right?

It’s not greasy. Put a little to the foundation to make a glowing skin. You can use your own power to be beautiful. Basic cosmetics are important!!



“Is it important to match the c of blush and lips?”


[Model Rumi’s Advice]

It is!! So important!!!

I usually match the colors of blush and lips. For example, both orangish colors or both pinkish colors.

As my lips are thick, just coloring gives them impact. So I keep the balance with blush.

I use a quite modest color on lips to seem natural when I use a reddish color. When I use heavy eye shadows I apply very little blush.

If every part has a strong impression, I look like a gay like a philippine or a foreign lady in a show pub.


[Stylist KOBA chan’s Advice]

For a typical Asian face with narrow eyes, I draw thick eye lines and make the face 3D with lips.

As we just said, matching blush and lips is important rather than eyeshadows and lips.



You can show a sense of the season with lips and blush. Lips are the first part women look at. You should change the color every season.



Putting full makeup on, I don’t wanna look glitzy.

I look old with a thick makeup. How can I make a glowing skin like Rumi?


[Model Rumi’s Advice]

Subtraction is the key. Too heavy makeup makes you gaudy.

Around 30s don’t need a thick foundation. When I was a gal I was wearing much foundation cream. It was ok cuz I was young.

It’s time to use a thin foundation perfectly. I would use a concealer to hide reddish parts, dark circles and stains.

I would put too much powder before, but now I put only on T-zone and I leave here glossy.

Then I try to make my skin “seem fair”… It’s not “fair.” For over 30s it’s impossible.

A glowing skin helps you look healthy.

[Stylist KOBA chan’s Advice]

I agree with Rumi.

Foundation all over the face prevents skin to breathe. If skin oil is apparent, you may put too much foundation. You should put much lotion and base cream instead of foundation. And covering with a concealer will help you make a clear skin.



In the morning it’s good but in the evening the pores get apparent… How should I do?

It’s not about foundation. Use white powder and it reduces your skin oil.



What’s “white powder”?


White powder means face powder. Very light one. You can find “face powder” in paste type. It’s hardened powder and very smooth. It’s best to cover the pores.

If you put foundations many times, skin oil become apparent from thick makeup. Try find and get “face powder.”



How can I rise my eyelashes? Which is your recommended curler?


[Model Rumi’s Advice]

I use the one I got at a 100yen store.


KOBA chan:

Your eyelashes are risen well.


It’s 100yen. And It’s my favorite base liquid for eyelashes of KATE.

Then dejavu. It’s economical. I can take it off with hot water.

I rise up lashes from the roots, little by little. I don’t use a hot curler.

I sometimes see right-angled lashes in a town, and women with such lashes disgust me a little…


KOBA chan:

It’s just like a middle school girl


How do you do, KOBA chan?


[Stylist KOBA chan’s Advice]

It’s risen automatically as you rise your elbow. Pushing too strongly breaks your lashes, so keep it stay for 5 seconds and rise like this.

This is a super good curler. It’s for single-edged eyelids but best for Japanese subtle-double lids too! It works well for subtle-double lids like mine.

Eyeputti is so nice!

No.1 in the lash curler category.


Where can I get one?


Sold at Sony Plaza and maybe Donki, LOFT and so on.

It keep the curl for long, I recommend you!

Well, we answered some questions.

Next time I may start without makeup and KOBA chan will put makeup on me to show you how to do. I’ll collaborate with this expert again!


KOBA chan:

Check out my Youtube channel too. Rumi’s on it as a guest!