Etude House Christmas makeup

Takarisa(Risako Takahashi)

Telling the beauty of Japan to the world

hello, this is Takarisa

Merry Christmas!

it’s still a while away. lol

so, today, I want to introduce

Holiday collection 2019 Christmas coffret

of etude house


wow, cute!


On the package is Oruha

This is a Christmas coffret that is the motif of Rudolph the reindeer

it’s it cute!

I am going to introduce what has been released this time

please watch till the end


let’s go


I will start the introduction

I have taken my makeup off and already done what is not in this set

like foundation and jake

so, I would like to start

first this is what I’m going to introduce

this package is really cute


Etude house….. (house’s Rudolph is correct)

this is the reindeer and this is the sledge

both are 2100 yen

I will like to open it!

look at this please!

it’s it cute? it’s really cute!

soooo cute!

Rudolph is the motif

this is made from

the image of

Rudolph’s red nose

it’s it really really cute!

around here is the red colors

around here is the gold colors

here is the colors

that are the images of Rudolph

there’s matt and sheer colors

there’s glitter as well

it’s got lots and a greedy palet

this is really cute. I’m going to use it later

next is this!



it’s like a cookie

so cute!

this color is the image of the sleigh

and its the color

of snowy Christmas


it’s a white Christmas

I don’t understand

there’s white here

it’s mainly brown colors

and there’s lots of sheer brown

it’s soooo cute

I think it’s really great

I will like to try it on each side

first this one!

I would like to review from the reindeer

I tried all the colors on my hand

the brightest is red!

this is the best coloring

next is the glittering, second glitter

it’s sooo cute

it’s hard to see the white one

but it’s really shiny…. like this?

it’s really good because it’s shinny

the fourth is this sheer one

it’s a color that sort of sticks on

the fourth ←×(fifth←〇) is this matt color


(are you stretching!? lol)

this is the matt one!

it’s a reddish brown

the last on is brown with glitter

this is glitter and I think I can use it lots

this is sooo cute

I will try it now

I will use the matt first

this is really good

it’s a reddish brown

it goes well with your skin so I think you can use it lots

next is this sheer type

I will try the brown

wow, this is really good

it comes with the brush


I forgot the brush set

I don’t know if I should use it, so I’m going to leave it for now

(aren’t you going to use it? lol)

I want to use this under my eye, which do you think I should use?

I like this one, so I will use this

(why did you use the roulette…. lol)

wow, this is really cute

hey, can you see it?

this one I didn’t use, and this one I used

it’s the color really good?



last, I will use this red one

I will use the red one at the edge

this color is really good

wow this is soooo good

I didn’t have red so I’m really happy

if you use it at the edge

it doesn’t look blowy

(not saying properly)

it doesn’t look blowy at all, it’s really good


this palette is the eyeshadow that I used

this is the kind of color it turns out

wow, this color is really good


next is this!

this one looks good too

papan~~ I will try this one next

I’ve already tried it!

it’s like this, pipin~~~

it’s this kind of color

shi shi there is a lot of sheer colors

(couldn’t say it again lol)

the top one is matt and the second and third is sheer

I think

there’s white, glitter

the last one is matt

the colors are quite similar

there’s sheer and glitters

the glitter is really good

it’s hard to see this white

but there’s a lot of glitter and it’s really good

I’m going to try it

I think this color is better

I will use the matt color first

this is really similar color to the skin

so if you want to be natural

this color is really good

because it’s matt, you can use just this

and it will be a natural

next is brown around the corner of the eyes

tiki tiki tiki tiki

I wonder what is this sound effect of mine that has no meaning

(no one will understand lol)

I will use this light brown overall

last I will use this glitter shinny one

in the corner

this glitter is great

it’s really good

last this white, white

this is the first time I will use white

it’s really white

it’s this shiny good?

I’m going to put this on top


wow, wow

it’s really beautiful

wow, white

be quiet, be quiet

(yes, you’re a little noisy)

this white is really cute


wait, it will be cute if I put it here instead of here


it’s so cute!

this is the makeup that uses the sleigh

this is the makeup that uses the reindeer

people who like colors, I recommend this one

people who like brown, or people who think layering is difficult

I recommend this one

this white is really cute

this brown is for layering…. mm?

the one that I used for eye shadow goes good with the skin

please try it!

this package is really cute

this is what I will introduce next

Rudolph better lip of Etude House

this is 1300 yen and there 5 colors

this time I will review the one that will suit me best

the orange one, 209

brand new!

(why twice? lol)

I’m going to try it!

I thought about which one to use

orange looks good on me

it’s really cute

it’s moisty

it looks matt

it’s not matt and it really fits on the lips

it’s really cute

it brightens up, just with this

it’s orange

(what do you mean?)

I think I can use this around spring

this is really spring!

it’s looks red

it will be good for

Christmas and dates

next! I want to do this quickly

I forgot the most important mascara

next.. @#%&#%%”’&%(

(can’t understand it)

I want to introduce mascara

mascara is this black one

(why you a foreigner?)

who am I?

Rudolph lash palm, curl fix Rudolph brown

it will hold for a long time

this is 1350 yen

the package is really cute

like this

one that everyone is using

(explanation is too simple)

I will use black for this one

wow, it stretches

I like ones that stretch

it really stretches

I haven’t used an eyelash curler

this is really good

welcome back, eye lash!

(what’s that?)

I’m sorry

next is this

brown is this time limited

it is a reddish brown mascara

This one is the one that I was keen on

look look, it’s cute

wow, it’s really great

people say that brown is a difficult color

it’s a nice color, so I like it

it’s a color that fits

it’s this time limited

the Etude House that I’m introducing

I was keen on the limited one

you can only buy it now

it’s only until dec 20th, so you need to hurry


you can make it natural and really cute

the black one is really strong

eye lash! it becomes really strong!

(what’s that?)


so your impression may become strong

the brown is more natural

the brown is better on the skin

if you want to do a strong make up, I think black is good

black is strong

when you want to make is natural, brown is good

look, it’s it good?

the last one is this



this is Rudolph candle

this doesn’t have much connection with make up

it’s this time limited edition, so I wanted to try it

wait, this is really cute

I can’t see it

see, it’s cute

and it smells nice

it’s a soft floral smell

Rudolph candle that brings happiness


if you turn off the light and there’s this light, I think it’s really good

and this smell

this one is 2200 yen

it’s really cute that it’s in a bottle of Rudolph

next is the last one

hand cream!

this hand cream is also limited edition

it’s a soft floral smell

it’s a set of two hand creams that will make your hands moist! 1450 yen!


this is the design

this one is floral with powder

I’m going to try it

wow, it’s a little hard texture(?)


it smells good!


it’s moist!


I wonder what smell this is

but I think it may depend of the preference

but it’s good when you spread it

it’s a nice smell when you spread it

it’s good, and it’s not too strong

when I first put it on, i thought it was strong

it’s really moist

next is sweet floral

I think this one better


yes, I like this one, it more girly

I think guys can use this one too

that’s what it’s like

this one you can use with your boyfriend

and this one is for you.

the smell is very girly

I don’t know how to explain this

I think the preference will differ between people

it’s like a powder smell

do you know, like baby powder!

yes, baby powder

(suddenly it came to me lol)

yes, it’s like baby powder smell

but, the floral smell is a very girly smell

so this is the Christmas cofret

pachi pachi pachi pachi

this is how it turned out

I hope it will help you

so, Etude House’s Christmas Cofret

Holiday Collection 2019.

I reviewed most of them

how was it?

they are all cute, and all the colors are nice

it’s a Korean cosmetics so it’s really cute

this is more natural

this white is really good

it is limited to Dec 20th

please hurry and buy it!

I hope it will help you!

I hope I was able to release a good video

please click on the good button and subscribe

everyone’s each play is really important

so thank you

I want to release good information

to you all, so please watch

this was Takarisa





[Play Colour Eye shadow Mini Reindeer]

2100 yen + tax

Eye shadow palette. In the palm

Greedy palette to enjoy three kinds of shades


[Rudolf better lip talk]

Each 1300 yen + tax

Moist and comfortable texture

Fits perfectly to the lips. Like a Christmas Ornament

has an impressive mouth.


[Rudolph lash palm curl fix Mascara]

1390 yen + tax

Color: Mascara red brown


[Rudolph candle]

120 g, 200 yen + tax

Sweet candles in the bottle of Rudolph


[Rudolph hand bouquet Hand Cream Set]

(50 ml x 2) 1450 yen + tax

A Rudolph pattern enjoying the fragrance of different flowers

Hand Cream Set