Deep-Impressive Story Nippori Turns into A Sanctuary for Myanmarese



I’m Jun Jun

Today I’ll introduce you news topics

in a quiz show style



Here in Harajuku

there are lots of people from overseas



Outside Harajuku

A binge shopping boom is happening

The place begins with “ni”

Where is it?

“Ninja house”?

Ah! Shuriken shopping?




Ok! The answer is “Nippori”

It’s a textile district


The 90 wholesale stores owe their origin

to the beginning of Taisho era

They sell sewing machines, needles, threads

A binge shopping boom is happening there



As a textile district

Sales in Nippori is decreasing


a lot of people from a certain country

come to buy a lot of stuff

The country begins with “m”

Which country is it?

“President Mikitani”?

President Mikitani of Rakuten??




The answer is in this video


VTR start


Spring Festival Special

A Myanmarese is saying

“I think Everyone in Myanmar

knows Nippori”

“Kimono longyi”, longyi made of

kimono cloths, is in mode

in Myanmar

Longyi is a folk costume

like a long wrap skirt

It’s cute

Men are wearing it

In Myanmar

there aren’t many patterns

In Nippori

kimono with the pattern of

cherry blossoms, flowers with gold

are popular among Myanmrese people


Mihama服飾 Cloth, established 35 years ago,

is specialized in Japanese traditional patterns

90% of its customers are from overseas


Cloths are originally cut for longyi

and sold in packs

Myanmerise who don’t understand Japanese

can choose a pattern without stress

It’s a smash hit

President Hamaguchi of Mihama服飾 Cloth

was about to close the shop

Now it’s thriving


The price is 1,100 yen

In Nippori textile district

you can buy 1m with 100yen

It’s relatively very cheap

comparing with mercers

Cosplayers come to

get cloths too

Myanmarese people

give longyi in

Mihama服飾 cloth’s bag

as a gift

They regard it as

a very special high-brand gift

From JR Nippori station south exit

or Nippori station of Keisei Dentetsu


I got out from the south exit of JR station

and turned right right away


Go down the stairs


You see a map

Cross the road and turn left


The address of Nippori textile district is

5-33-10, Higashi Nippori,

Arakawa-ku, Tokyo


The building is a landmark

Go straight this street for several minutes

and you can reach Mihama服飾 Cloth

They sell packed cloths for

folk costume longyi


90% of Myanmarese is Buddhist

Longyi is useful to cover their skin

When they visit temples

they can cover the legs


The cloth is big enough to wear in daily lives

No matter in a toilet

But among young people in Myanmer

there’s a flight from longyi

“I can’t stand longyi!

Jackets and pants today!”

is their opinion

Longyi is originally a rectangle cloth

sawed both edges to make a wrap skirt

The one I’m wearing isn’t sawed

but I wrapped it to see how it is

This is my first visit of Nippori textile district

You can get a lucky find at a low price

You’ll find “only-one”


Someone who passed me on

murmured at me



I don’t see people usually wear clothes

with Japanese traditional patterns

If you do, you can enjoy unique fashion!


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