Beautiful Brightening Skin Organic Cosmetics; Oil-Free Products Beauty-Making Cafe for Those


Hi, I’m Rumi

Today I’m in Ginza, the stylish city
where lots of people visit from overseas
I’ll introduce you a stylish place in Ginza
which you must check out
Let’s go!

Here I am
in front of


Sonoko is a name of a woman
the late Sonoko Suzuki
was famous in Japan
for her bright-white skin
This cafe was opened by her company

The 3 appeal points!

1. It’s particular about oil-free
Every menu is oil-free. Isn’t it amazing?
Everything is oil-free, including cakes!


2. The interior is fashionable
It’s cozy and open to international travelers


3.There are fantastic menus which are
cute and instagrammable!

Let’s go!

They sell oil-free food
Bread without butter
Meat dishes like this
They also sell retort puches
of oil-free curry
and oil-free seasonings
Even cosmetics like these

Look, this is a menu
French toast, sweets…
It’s hard to find such stuff without oil
I usually try not to eat pasta
but here I don’t have to care!

Today I’ll have this
new menu

“Snow Mountain”

rich chocolate frappe
with rare Arriba cacao
OMG, first time ever!!


I love oranges
I’ll have Orange Snow Mountain
Arriba cacao is rare type cacao from Ecuador
Of all the cacao grown in the world in a year
only 2% is Arriba cacao
I’m excited to try such a valuable thing!

Here it comes!

Jesus, isn’t it awesome?!
How yummy is it?!

My first Arriba cacao…
Let me eat

Super yummy!!! It’s not too sweet


A little acid, so good
It’s a sweet for grown-ups
Look at these
iced chocolate
My mouth full of chocolate! Lovely


I’m so happy


It evokes a new sensation
I had Orange Snow Mountain
I recommend this cafe


for mum’s lunch gatherings
and to organic-oriented girls


Too much oil causes body oxidation
It damges your skin and make pimples
You should take oil as less as you can


When you visit Ginza, Tokyo
please visit SONOKO CAFE!

From Rumi