【A Cafe in Hiroo】Instagram-worthy cafe! Cafes that are popular among celebrities


This salad has coriander in it
It is really good


Hi this is Rumi


Today I would like to introduce a cafe called “BONDI cafe”

I come here for meetings with friends sometimes



This cafe is really popular

Even celebrities, models,

and influencers come




made this place

really popular

because this cafe is so cool and stylish

There are two; one is near Yoyogi Koen and the other is near Hiroo


The one near Yoyogi Koen is actually right in front of Yoyogi Park

And it is really nice



Today, I am at the other one in Hiroo

Let me guide you




1F Barbizon70, 5-15-9 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo


One minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hiroo station exit one

72m from Hiroo station


Open Hours

9:00am – 2:00am (Last Order: 1:00am)

Open all year round except for new year holidays


Budget: 3200yen for dinner, 1200yen for lunch

Credit cards are accepted

E-money accepted: iD


The number of the tables: 60 (including 15 terrace tables)

Maximum 120 people (80-120 people)

Open terrace



Free Wi-Fi is available



I ordered

their original yuzu ginger ale


That is it for “BONDI cafe”


There are lot of people from outside of Japan

And you can even bring your dogs

So it is very popular


Make sure you check this place out
when you come to Tokyo





Now I am In Gaienmae, Tokyo
I am going to get lunch with some friends

I have never been there

I am going to tell you how I like it




Now we are at “PASSAGE Aoyama”


This is my favorite salad place



Today I am going to “MONTE AZUL”

on the second floor


“CRISP SALAD WORKS” is right there


So let’s go up to the second floor

and check the place out

Wow!! This reminds me of Tokyo Disney Sea

There are many cool boutique places

I think this is a nice shooting spot



So cool

I just got in



Right now, I am wating for my friends

This is Spanish food buffet

I have never really had Spanish food before


But the friends I am waiting for

the one is Columbian,

and the other is half Spanish half Japanese

that is why I made reservation for this place

I am pretty excited bacause it is my first time here


This is a lunchtime drink menu


It is really cheap!!

If you want to enjoy a few drinks at lunch time, this is the spot


Look, only 300yen for a glass of wine

They even have sparkling wine, beer

and non-alcohol beer


if you only want to enjoy the taste




2F Passage Aoyama, Aoyama Emuzu Tower,

2-27-18 Minami Aoyama, Mitato-ku, Tokyo


Three minutes walk from Subway Gaienmae station

Near the intersection at Minami Aoyama 3Chome



TEL: 03-6807-0654     FAX: 03-6807-0653


Open Hours

Lunch: 11:30-15:30 (Last Order: 14:30)


Dinner: 18:00-23:00 (Last Order: 22:00)

Closed every Monday






Look what I have got


This is Vanessa

This is Vanessa and she is Columbian


The other one is not here yet

but we are going to start eating because we are runnning out of time

I am excited to eat



I love vegetables so much

So I am very happy


I took food for my friends

so this is not only for me




It is my first time to try

dressing made of tomatoes

but so good, it is refreshing



some spice

This salad has coriander in it

It is really good


I am so full

so full




It was my first time

There are so many restraunts that look good


I will

come back here



the place I showed you today

it is 2000yen for lunch buffet



It was so cool

and nice in there

Make sure you check it out

That is it!

See you later