Tokyo, Asakusa, popularity of Asakusa temple, praying course★fortune★good luck charm★gourmet


it’s Rumi


Today I’m at a famous sightseeing place in Japan!


I am in Asakusa


Let’s go

I come here to eat with my frinds
or go to Jinjas
Even living in Japan, it’s a place I want to come
many times. And a place where we can feel like we’re on a trip
so I come here sometimes

talking about Asakusa, here funawa
imo yokan and sweet potato
mashed sweet potato and shaped in a square
is called imo yokan


I love this imo yokan
imo yokan of Funawa!
I’m going to buy one and take it home

here is a chopstick shop
i think people would be happy if they receive it as a souvenir
I think it is painted with Urushi

there are lots of lovely chopsticks

sory I kept saying one bow two claps
but it’s actually two bows two claps
I made a big mistake. I’m sorry!!
you bow twice, and then clap twice!!

I wonder why I made a mistake. I’m always doing it
for some reason, when I was taking the video for Youtube
I was saying one bow

I’m so sorry

As a rule, as ettiquete
you go to jinja first, prey
then you enjoy fortune telling or buying good luck charms
you can write in the red stamp book

you need to drop the money
and prey first. That’s the ettiquette


so , this is Asakusa temple
I would like to go to the main temple

the rule to prey

1 bow 2 claps
you prey
then bow at the end
so let’s start
when you prey
you greet the God
who is here

people who have come 2 or 3 times
you say
thank you for always watching over us
people who came here for the first time
for example, people who have come here for sightseeing
you say, I have come to Japan
please let me enjoy
my trip here
please watch over me

or you say, hello
this is where you greet God

and here is where you drop money
however much you want
throw the money here

1 bow 2 claps!

clap clap
then, you greet, in your mind
you scream in your mind

no, you speak
or asking for happiness in your family
you put your hands together
and prey

and bow at the end!

thank you
and bow

as ettiquette
people who have a hat on

please take it off
that’s is the manner in Japan
prey after
taking off your hat, is good


go to different places and different temples and prey
that’s why lots of
good luck occurs
People who have come to Japan


please, come to a temple
Asakusa temple is very famous
please come like this

I want to throw in 18 yen
It doesn’t matter how much you throw in
the luck does not change according to the money


I want lots of good luck
so I threw in 5 yen. (in Japanese 5 yen is “goen” meaning good meetings with people)

This is where you can get
good luck charms in Asakusa temple
good luck for the family and good luck with travel
or good luck with studies
good luck with people
others are ones that will protect you from disasters
there are many kinds

the Kaminarimon exam good luck charm is great!
this is good for people who have exams
it’s got the actually Kaminarimon
it’s got the shape of Kaminarimon
this is cute

this is the fortune telling area
if you tie it here
it’s said that it will come true


if you get good results
you can take it home
there is no rule that
you have to tie it here

people who didn’t get good results

lots of people tie it

I’m going try one
thi is the fortune telling

you put 100 yen in here

so I’m going to take one

you open the drawer of the number on this stick
the results are here!

I’ll put 100 yen in

wow, this is heavy

here it is!

I got one! it’s 67!
I tied it!

most people here are foreigners


this is a famous sightseeing spot
most sightseeing people are foreigners
I am very happy


that people are enjoying
Japanese culture like this
and people who are from other areas
people who are from outside Tokyo
please come to Tokyo
at night

I want to go to
a nice

Monjya restaurant
Monjya is also famous

in Asakusa
so if you come to Asakusa
please eat Monjya
please look forward to next time

Bye bye