【experience】authentic★this is how you eat “toshikoshi soba” (new year’s soba)


this is Rumi

it’s nearly new year’s
it’s the end of the year!


12/31 new year’s eve
the last day of the year (12/31)
in Japan there is a custom
to eat
“toshikoshi soba” (new year’s eve soba)
with family or with close friends

why we eat toshikoshi soba is
because we hope to
live long like noodles
we hope for health and happiness
that is the kind of soba it is.


in Summer, Summer this year
at a festival that I went to
I saw people make soba
in front of me

even in Japan, it’s rare
to experience this
it is made from a traditional, stone
I was able to watch them make it
I was able to talk to the person making it
I was hoping that you could see it too

It is a video made in summer

I would be happy if you could enjoy watching it
and if you see how much effort
they have put in to make it
I’m sure
you’ll be able to enjoy eating soba
please watch my video
a happy new year!


to the summer video

it’s Rumi

today is summer’s last day
I am here at a festival on August 31st


Today, in this festival
there is a shop of traditional Japan
I want to go there
Techniques trained by masters to create taste
(not “maishi”, but “meisho” in Japanese) lol


it’s hand made soba

here, the make the soba flour from weat
it’s a stone called “usui”
after grinding the flour with the stone
over there!

Rumi: it that soba flour?

Rumi: that’s how you make it!

this is the finished one!

Rumi: is it done?

“Takumi” (meaning artisan)

the smell of soba flour is really nice!

there aren’t many festivals where you can see this

in front of you, so it’s realy new!

Rumi: lots of people come because it’s a festival

yes ^^ really

Rumi: wow! you need power for this!

yes, yes, yes ^^

Rumi: did you make this?

yes ^^

Rumi: wow!!

Rumi: wow, that’s so cool!

hmmm ^^

look at this! this is made from Aluminium

Rumi: aluminium!?

this is aluminium, not wood

when I bought this, this is a strainer, this!

Rumi: yes!

Rumi: did you make it?

do you want me to show you something?

Rumi: wow, please, please!!


after rolling the noodles of soba flour

now he is going to cut it

wow! cool!

that’s beautiful!!

wow! cool!

wow! that’s really awesome!

okay! tada~~~

it’s done!

just made hand-made jyuwari soba

(meaning made of 100% soba flour)

not many people know it even in Japan

the soba shops that you see in the cities

use only 70% or 30% of soba flour

shops that use 100% soba flour
are quite rare and only traditional restaurants
or speaciality soba shops
use 100%


100% soba flour is quite expensive
and the smell is really different

the first time I ate 100% soba flour soba
was when I was about 27
I thought that what I had been eating was soba


so I was shocked!

it was very different!

the smell, the texture was so different!


we call it jyuwari soba
soba made of 100% flour
is so much nicer


so I am going to eat it now!

okay, itadakimasu

(something Japanese people say to thank the person who made the meal)

I will dip it in sauce
which is made with seaweed stock
mmmm… it beautiful!
it’s delicious!

the texture is strong!
it’s chewy

hand made soba is delicious!
Japanese (soba) noodles
In Japanese we say “nippon soba”

this is THE nippon soba
soba made from soba flour!

foreigners, please try it!
jyuwari soba, jyuwari (100%)
please try
100% soba
it’s soooo delicious! I can’t stop!
in Summer, soba is so delicious

okay so
a shop that I found
the good old Japanese style
soba shop in a festival

I found something so beautiful, so I wanted to share it with everyone!
it’s hard to find it even living in Japan
okay, so soba
please everyone try jyuwari soba!


this was Rumi!