My recipe that you would want to repeat♡How to make Hiyajiru(cold soup)♡【recipe】


If you drink it, you will look pure

I saw a fairy

hello, I’m JUNJUN

today, I’m going to introduce

Hiyagjiru (cold soup) which is a Miyazaki dish.

You can buy it in a vending machine

the vending machine is at Miyazaki city, Hashidori nishi 3-chome

it’s next to a place called art center

you can buy the powder for hiyajiru and for charcoal grilled chicken

it’s become a topic because it’s rare

the hiyajiru is 300yen and the the chicken is 500yen

the CEO of the company that started selling

in the vending machine, President Kawagoshi of Daikichi

He started it because he wanted people to

enjoy Miyazaki taste easily, and send it to

victims of natural disasters

I was able to buy it on the website

of Nozaki tsukemono for 260yen

if you eat it, only pure people

can see a fairy

so let’s start making it

today’s ingredients

horse mackerel, cucumber, shiso, tofu, white sesame

rice and powder of hiyajiru

slice and rub salt into it

slice shiso


oh no, I made a mistake

look at the wonderful color of horse mackerel

this is it

when it’s cooked, loosen the fish meat softly

I’m just going to eat a little of the just cooked fish

put the ingredients on the rice

put the stock in it and it’s done

I ate it with Tom who wears glasses

and noru-shan with chonmage

who I work with

I’m going to eat it

I can taste the fish and the miso

very healthy

the stock has niboshi, sardine and bonito

fish stock

when eating it for the first time, it might have been better if I thinned the stock

When shiso is in sushi, never really think about it

but it’s good

I don’t really like niboshi

I think this has a lot of niboshi

wow, it’s wild


there’s a bone

it’s a small one, so it’s okay

this is a see through tube

if you press the button on the vending machine, it comes in the tube

if you put sesame seed in this

it will be better

really. lol

I don’t think many people have tried this

you should try it at least once

you can make it with what’s in your fridge

thank you for the dish

the smell of the fish and sesame

it really tasty

it’s not concentrated and strong

some people may think it’s too strong

it’s good to prevent summer heat (many Japanese suffer from this)

it’s good in summer when you don’t feel like eating

thank you very much for watching this video

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