【VLOG】Secret Aged Sushi Restaurant for Membership Only


I’m Rumi

I love

soooooooooo much

this sushi restaurant

I introduce it to you

Why do I recommend it?

Even in Japan

there are few people who

have eaten aged sushi

You could imagine “aged beef”

but they serve “aged raw fish”

Just before rotting

the sweetness gets most strong

and you can have it then

so so so soooo rare

and really delicious sushi

When you visit Japan

when you visit Tokyo

please come try it

Japan is said

to be a treasure house of fish

We have a lot of

fresh and delicious fish

Among fish in Japan

I have ever had

this is the best


when you are in Japan

and celebrate someone’s anniversary

or attend to an important client

You should bring here

such a person

It is definitely ideal

Along the Meiji Dori ave.

in front of LIFE (supermarket)

under an oden restaurant

This blue door

This is Wagokoro

Here we have

aged fishes

Today we will have these

Looks yummy

Spinach in cashew paste


of shark

in plum sauce

It must be yummy

Homemade tofu skin

Handmade ginger pickles

it takes one week to make

These are really delicious

Start with Otoro?

This is otoro aged for three weeks

You don’t have to chew

Aged sushi, otoro

Let’s eat!

Since it is different from common sushi

Maybe there are rice, vinegar

This red vinegar rice is Wagokoro blend

For a week

This is striped jack

Scallop, sawara cypress,

and this is carrot

Squid with cloth dyed cut

This is so sweet

and smells good

With salmon roe…


Smoked chicken and cheese are inside.

This is cockle.

This is great amberjack aged two weeks

Great amberjack

This is pickled tuna

aged for three weeks

Small domburi with salmon family

Sea urchin from Hokkaido

on the top!


Fukusa-style grilled hairtail

We call something

combined with two things



This is covered with

tofu refuse and hairtail

Razor clam

Skin-side roasted grunt

This is aged for over three weeks

Otoro with smoked daikon pickles

Seeweed, 100 yen per a slice

The last dish

is red miso soup with see lettuce


The last is the best

Best in Wagokoro

We’ll have shrimp


Thank you for the meal

Rumi presents

among 17 dishes we had today

at Wagokoro

“best five dishes”



is the one we had at the end

otoro with smoked daikon pickles




great amberjack



is the first one





Squid with cloth dyed cut



You must know

The last one

Sweet shrimp

Every single one was

really really delicious

All the 17 dishes was wonderful

only for members

First-time visitor cannot enter

So you must make a reservation

from here

Instagram is here



From here

please make a reservation


Aged sushi restaurant 「WAGOKORO」

address Tokyo 1-27-5 Higashi Shibuya-ku B1

HP https://www.wagokoro.space

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wagokoro10000/

Reservation wagokoro10000@gmail.com



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