【Half Face Makeup】What Makes You Look Younger and Older💄See the Difference by Makeup! Heisei Face vs Reiwa Face


Hi hi, this is Rumi!
Hello, this is Koba!


Collaboration video with Koba-chan!
Number two!!!

Thank you!
Thank you!
Her name is Koba-chan!
She has her Youtube channel, Koba channel
She’s been my stylist since I was sixteen

when I was modeling for egg
She’s been very active at the forefront of her work, which is hair make and stylist

Please go visit her channel! Thank you!
So this is the second video!
Now we’ve been shooting videos
that targets mainly women in their thirties,
videos about anti-aging care or diet
Yeah, I know

When I was younger, I put on so much makeup
Now, the trend is glowing skin
But back in the day, it was matt skin!
It looked so powdery
When I showed some pictures of me from that times
everyone says “you look younger now”
or like “you look old in this picture”
That’s what I get
So in my opinion,
putting a lot of makeup makes you look older!
Ahh! I agree!

When you want to hide, you tend to put more makeup!

When you are young, you feel like you want to make your face looks smaller
Then, put shading
You think the more the better

Right! When I do touch-up, I always put more and more
But today, Koba-chan will tell you
what’s good and what’s not
in order not to make you look older
so yeah
if you are near thirty years old! Yes yes!
Plus, what makes you look younger

Tips to make you look younger
Also, when you touch up your makeup, if you tend to look powery
how to make look less powery
makeup tounch-up tips

That’s what I want to learn today!
Yes! From professional!
I’d like to learn!
Thank you☆
I’m so excited!


So let’s get started~☆
those who look older
what kind of makeup, for example
putting too much makeup
or if you want to cover
you tend to put a lot of foundation on your skin
and that makes it look less natural

That’s makes look like your face has a makeup on
The thing is, you want to cover and you put more and more
that ends up making you look older

That’s true
Also your eyes
some people uses too much eyeliner

Yes! That reflects the time you have lived
That’s a no
Yes! Too much

Like are you still living in that old times?

I don’t know if those people are noticing that

Lots of people have came to talk to me
about makeup
They want to change?
They want to change, but I do not know how
so teach me! or

I’ve been keeping the same makeup routine for a long while
I belive there are many people like that
So today, I’m gonna do halfface makeup
That’s very common

Yeah very common

Putting a lot of makeup only on this side
Some of you may feel familiar
if you’ve known me for a while
Let’s fo this

I’m gonna put a lot of makeup on the right side of my face

First, foundation

Many people put

liquid one first and then power one before
But that covers so well

Right right

When we were younger, I put
a lot of liquid foundatio first, and then
powder foudation on top of my face
like a lot

f you tounch your face with your hands
that could leave a line on your face
that’s how thick the foundation was
Yeah, I feel like I was spending like an hour
just to do the base makeup

Like how many layers
I put on, put on, and put on
I realized that was not good
when I was like 23years old
I started having wrinkles
Me too

I realized if you put too much foundation, that’s gonna make look older

No glowing
This side still has glow
But looks good!!
It’s different when you see it on tv or with a light
if you see it in real
you can see it covers reallt well

Wow, sorry for those who like Takarazuka!
Stage! Stage makeup!
Stage makeup
Usually, your skin cannot breathe

So thick
I’m gonna have wrinkles soon
You cannot laugh

Rather, it gets so dry if I put this much at this age
I already feel the tension here

Beige color cheek!

Wow, this reminds me of old times! Is this from CHANEL right?
I had one… I think they stopped producing this item
This was a must item for makeup
Yeah yeah!
They stopped selling this
I used it a lot like here!
Yeah, me too!
And here too!

This is a shader
But everyone used it as a cheek
You’re right

Next is shading
It’s not shading but
Your skin is more healthy when you’re younger
so I used it on here
If I did it right now, I would look so thin
I think so too

It’s more like I’m ill rather than thin
What you should not do if you’re in your thirties is that
you can put shading diagonally here
Here, here
Diagonal line
That’s a big no
Wow, I look like I am too skinny
Like a sick person
But a lot of people tend to do this
I used to do this
Me too
I don’t even really use a shader anymore
Yeah, not anymore
I loved this though
Like this

Looks like a horror man
I am sure there are still many people who do this
even though they are in their thirties
I think so too
I understand they want to make their face looks smaller though
But that does not work

Eye shadow, this one!


Matt type one
Dark brown ones!?
Reminds me of old times
I used this to circle around my eyes
Many people did that before they used eyeliner

I used it until my eye lid looked so dark
Which color should we use?
Hmmm, this
Should we go for that?
Everyone used this
Eye hall, should we use this first?
Not that I am already in my thirties
I feel like natural looking is very important

Just wow
Good old times, Rumi
Wow, old times
Hi, I’m back, I’m Ringo
That was really popular
You wore a lot of makeup, Rumi

You use this for under your eyes too
But I think some people still do that

It’s hard to get out of this way of makeup
But your eyes look bigger
I only look like a person with her eyes got hurt
Like valley girl
With a black eye shadow

everyone used it a lot, and now I think about it, I’m like what’s the point of eye liner
But I still see those people
Oh my god, look at this
This circle, and this tail of the eye
Yeah, yeah

Fake eyelash

Teenagers or girls in thier 20s, I think that is okay
They still have resilient skin
They don’t have smile wrinkles
But it’s not 100%
I draw a line here

We tend to draw a long line here

Nose shadow

The other day, when I went to a restautant, you know a lot of people do not wear a lot of makeup,
but this girl had a lot of nose shadow on
Eye makeup was okay
But this part only

Like a baboon *laughs*
Baboon *laughs*
This part was too much, like this much
I was like why
Wait, what *laughs*

It’s like Takarazuka

But It’s actually kind of looks natural
White eye liner was already popular in our times

It’s what they call eye bag makeup today
There is some of the old style makeup
left today

I understand people put a little glitter here
But if you do it too much, that makes you look old

Yeah, I wonder why


Highlight here
They put here
It was matt

But many people like matt
You want to make your skin looks glow
But we put that kind of makeup
instead of doing skin care to have a glow skin
So powdery

And beige lipstick

I thought I would look pretty
only with this lipstick
Me too
We had a desire where we want to look like a foreign girl
It was not like this cute color

It was more white
Was it?
Like concealer white
Should we use a concealer now?
Should we?
Yeah we should
But I get it
It’s really white
Yeah, now I look at it
But this gets really dry
But I need this black!
What do you think?
I haven’t put eyeliner
Black one
Thick one
We don’t use this

If you put a lot, it looks like this
Oh, but it looks pretty

But since I used to this kinf of makeup a lot
I think
this is cute
Like actually cute
I don’t think tennagers today can do this makeup
They don’t know what to put on

I see these people
Yeah, yeah *laugh*
Yeah *laugh*
Like those who is like 28years old now
Why does The Rose of Versailles come to my mind when I see this

and the other half
I want Koba-chan to put a makeup
to make look younger

Wow, this
You would look like a gal if you wear fake eyelashes
So gal
Instead we have eyelash extention now

And what’s awkward is that

there used to be colored contact lences with circles
but these are more natural looking, so it is kind of weird

And hair, too
This is so Heisei

But now it’s Reiwa

I want to show you a makeup tutorial to look younger


Reiwa face vs Heisei facce
I want to get this side of my face done by Koba-chan

The point is!
Glow skin
That’s important

Very important
If you don’t have it, people would be like ummm

You want to have glow to make it look shiny
Good for dry skin

What’s glow mean?
Glow is
this soft texture
Oh, I get it!

I changed highlight from solid one to balm one

Solid ones are easy to use,
but balm ones are good bacause it won’t get dry
It looks beautiful already
Reiwa face!
Reiwa, Heisei, Reiwa, Heisei


When you want to touch up, use a cussion founddation
It looks better
So Reiwa!

Synchro Self Refreshing by SHISEIDO

This is really natural for a cussion foundation
This is foundation
But this is really natural
Seems like using powder foundation is an old way now

When I used this first time
I was like this is the one
I’ve been useing this since for shooting too
Which brand?
Synchro by SHISEIDO
Super natural looking
This lasts an entire day, you don’t even need to touch up

No liquid foundation needed
In the morning
this works as primer too
Isn’t it look really good?

so different
When you touch up, I recommend to use cussion foundation

The number one recommendation
For those who’s is their 30s/40s
SynchroSkin Self Refreshing by SHISEIDO
Cussion compact
So long
I used #220 for Rumi

A little pinky, a light color
This is super natural
Natural looking is
very important

I used to put a lot of foundation too
But recently I don’t try to
cover freckles
Even if you can’t cover poles, if your skin looks good
I think that’s good

They are a lot of liners
This is blown
This is square shaped
Easy to write
The thinner a liner is
The bigger your eyes will look
This side is thick
But you want to write it thin

And the point is to use it only on the outer corner of the eye
Tip to look younger

Young girls these days do not really use eyeliner

We used to use this a lot
A lot
But it looks more natural if you do not use an eye liner

Brown eyeliner by dejavu
Very thin
Is this a liquid one?


Hold it up
and draw a thin line
You use it for between your eye lash

Eyes that slant down is cute
Slant down
I have been doing this
to make look cuter
Next is eye shadow

cream shadow

I want to put on top of everything

The point is to use

Better texture
You should use pink cream shadow for base
Pink is good because it won’t come off
won’t get dry
so looks shiny!

This foundation is
by Fusion?
Fusion by Dior
Cream changes into glitter and then powder
So good!
I like these so much
Looks good
Using just this is enough
but the point is texture an natural looking
I think

The point is texture

This is Aura Dew Prism by SHISEIDO
This glitter is really good
changes into powder

Makes your eyes look bigger
rather than entire eye lid
we used to do gradation
but we don’t use that
if you blink
it shines
so good

it changes into a great looking
So cool
Wow, so beautiful!
So different
What about a lip?
Glow is the key word!
No cheek!?

No less no cheek
Because that’d look too much?

Now, having glow or having glow, plus cheek

is really important!

Plus and plus is not good
You want both cheek and glow
so rather than putting it a lot

no cheek is a trend
Biege won’t be too much

LUNASOL is really popular
The trend it to put it straight
A little?

Yes, a little
Your cheek looks saggy without cheek shadow
so put it a little
Healthy looking
Pink! This looks Aurora!

A little here
Glow a little bit
This cheek shadow has a little oil
so makes your skin looks glow
Many cosmetics has
a little oil in them

I used to use brush and put on
But now use balm cheek and only use a bit
to make look glow
Wow, amazing
Next is
I used a little for the nose
I’m gonna use this one

Inner Glow
This has oil in it too bacause it’s glow
You mean this has balm

SHISEIDO products are great
They are very natural
I like these as a makeup artist
This high point of the nose
and the C zone
Remember I used a stick earlier?
That would come off

Natural glow

Lip is important

You don’t want to use a vivid one
That will make you look less natural
Natural looking is the key
So I’m gonna use this
My favorite
So populat
New product by Samantha
I love this noody color
Yes! Natural looking!

The theme is that
no wrinkles, give a lot of nutrition around your lips
Everyone should have a Maximizer

It’s never enough
Because I have a bigger lip
So it costs

I love the color!
Noody color, and glow
So feminine, and natural
So cute!

I like it
So different

Reiwa, Reiwa


See the difference
This side of the skin looks good too because of the lightning
But it’s actually thick
Thick enough to cover age spots
So natural
I like the Reiwa face better
Yes so Reiwa face and Heisei face
It’s done!

Which do you like better?
For those who can’t get out of Heisei face
As Koba-chan explained

Natural looking is very important

Less eye makeup, change colors
Texture is the key for everything!
Natural skin looking
Natural skin looking

You can start from not puttng too much foundation
or change your product
That could be your first step

People would be like “hey, you look younger!”
As a makeup artist,

It’s good to buy a lipstick from department

and the rest you can get chap ones

If you have an expensive one
that matches your age

Depcos means Department Cosmetics
Like Dior, CHANEL
Those good ones
I don’t like those for my skin
a foreign brand

My skin is very sensitive
I’m gonna use those for a lip, eye shadow bacause I like glitter
So everyone,
If you are having hard time changiing your makeup routine
or if you cannot stop putting a lot of foundation
I hope this video will help

Thank you so much, Koba-chan!

Thank you, you too!
That was fun
See you later
See you later
I’ll see you in the next video!

Koba-chan has
her Youtube channel
I introduce new cosmetic products
like cute lipsticks
so come watch my videos
Please watch~☆ Thank you
I left the URL for KOBA Channel in the bio section
See you later☆



Synchro Skin Self Refreshing Cussion Compact
Volume・Price13g (refill)・4,950yen (tax-in)


Aura Dew Prism 03


4g・4,400yen (tax-in)