[diet] anti aging recipe♡Easy Cooking! Beauty yogurt ♡


Hi Hi
This is Rumi !
Attractive JAPAN30 start

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Cooking from charm JAPAN30

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The first series last time

We made a anti-aging stew
Also this time

The Anti-Aging
I would like use as the theme

In this anti-aging
And it is also effective for diet
Healthy …

saying that
Ultra-Easy Easy
Since the ultra-simple recipes that can be at home
Please by all means try everyone

we did also the last time
For those who have not seen

the components of the anti-aging
We will recap

The most necessary thing for the anti-aging
It is anti-oxidant effect

When it is oxidised
skin ages
Or there is no tension and waned on
and glow will be lost
Because that would be the wrinkles

Important to take an anti-oxidation effect!

Already stored in the body
antioxidant action

It will come down every year from the peak in their 20s

Let’s take from proper food


Here is the element that can be taken from the food

Vitamin C
Vitamin E

Taking these five firmly
They are said to be good for anti-aging


Representative of Vitamin C

orange, etc.

And citrus fruit
After that the strongest in green and yellow vegetables
Paprika is the best.

And vitamin E is here!

Olive oil
Sunflower oil
Coconut oil
Vegetable oils such as safflower oil

It is nuts and seeds, such as peanuts

Last time vitamin E
contained plenty
I made a stew with almond milk

And here polyphenols

Red wine
Black tea

Please eat all means skin of apple!
Coffee and tea
Better brewed freshly than the PET bottle
So it is

Mineral is here!



Carotenoids are here!

Green and yellow vegetables
It is yellow things

And citrus fruit
The dark color vegetables such as tomatoes spinach

In particular, paprika Among the carotenoids

In particular, it is a strong antioxidant
Contains xanthophylls
Because it contains richly

Even in the last stew
So use the paprika
this time


We want to make sweets today

Well Shazam

I have a sister three years older
My sister is making homemade yogurt
My sister gave me

Lactic acid bacteria

When in the there is a good bacteria in the intestines and it is clean
Also very good for your skin
One of the beauty is also to prepare the intestinal environment
It has been good

So this time
Using this yogurt

Introducing the sweets that can be made easily

To say that
Seriously by means super easy
only topping

Vitamin C plenty fruit
we have bought
Only put them!

So will start

This time, with a lot of fruit
I’d make a yogurt
I would like to make it non-sugar

When thinking what to use to get the sweetness
It is acacia honey made domestically
Also It’s plenty rich in vitamins
Honey so very good for beauty
I would like to use

the last time I also used in the stew

Almond additive-free saline vegetable oils nonuse
Here also crushed with the part of the knife handle
I would like to make them fine on the yogurt


cooking time

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

It was completed!

can you see?
It was sprinkled with honey and almonds
Vitamin yogurt!

Also plenty of lactic acid bacteria
Vitamin C vitamin E has abundant

And although it is a drink
Coffee and tea
Since the polyphenols are plenty
Brewing the tea

use like rose hip
It is well contained
Origin of Hibiscus
But this item is from Okinawa
Putting this to the black tea
It becomes Rose hip tea

Hibiscus so Truly
Since vitamin C plenty of ingredients
And I’ll put this to tea
Since the polyphenols and vitamin C can be taken both
It is very good!

Alarm went off

Coffee, also
Almond milk, which we reported the other day
Or put the almonds effect

am drinking “drinkable female hormone.”
isoflavones full of soy milk
in the coffee


Actual eating time

Let’s eat
orange and kiwi fruit
A fruit I love really

Always me and my daughter are eating together
Kiwi delicious
Cake also
of course I’m happy but
At all good with the natural sweetness of the fruit
And it’s delicious amazing honey

Best texture of the almonds


When becoming a little hungry
and you want to eat something
something good to beauty
is a good idea

It is no guilt
at all better than to eat snacks

Please everyone
Crushed almonds of vitamin E

And yogurt lactic acid bacteria

And intake of vitamin C · vitamin E

Beautiful and fun
I wish you can a snack
I think

So easy
Please by all means try
Bye bye