【3min diet】leg diet making your ankles skinnier



it’s Rumi

attractive Japan 30


attractive Japan 30

is a channel to tell useful information to people around thirty


excise while doing something


I want to talk about

the legs

I think lots of people’s legs swell

mostly around the calf and ankles



ankles is where the pump is most furthest from the heart

it’s where all the blood can clot


the calf muscle is said to be the second heart

because  you don’t have much muscle in the calf

that’s why you swell

so we want to make

the pump work

if you work the pump

the blood flow will get better

and you won’t swell

I used to swell a lot

but after training

my calf and ankles have become

2.5 to 3 cm smaller

my legs and ankles have become really thin

The training that I normally do for my legs while doing something else

is what I want to show you today


what do you do while you are drying your hair

or brushing your teeth

of course dry your hair

or brush your teeth


that’s a waste

you are wasting your time

your legs are doing nothing

you dry your hair or brush your teeth

everyday, right?

those 3 mins is all you need

during that time

don’t you want to train to get thin legs?

so today I am going to show you two things that YOU do

when I am doing something else



so I am going to exercise my legs


I want to show you two types

first, one that you can do when you are drying your hair or brushing your teeth

put your ankles together

and your knees together

put strength in your but


you want it to be connected

stuck together

both knees and ankles

to be together

grip your toes

in a line

your inner ankles, inner thighs and knees together

and stand up straight

and then put strength in your bottom

and then put your heels up

that’s all

just by doing this, you will have beautiful inner thighs

and because you put strength in your calf muscles, you will have thin legs

so just go up and down while you are brushing your teeth

brushing your teeth or drying your hair

stick the three points together

I’m sure you will shake a little bit

do it slowly

keep your legs together

and do it slowly


can you feel it working in your calf muscles

when you are waiting for the train

not just when you are brushing your teeth or drying your hair

when you are waiting for the train, when you feel like you have nothing to do

put your legs together and put strength in your but

and then go up and down slowly

I doing on the platform of the train station

this isn’t that hard, so it’s really good


even when you are home watching TV, when you are sitting on a chair

and you feel a little bored

if I was on a chair, I would do it

for me


you don’t have to put them together, about the same as your shoulders


go up and down, slowly

it might look like you are a little annoyed

put your legs apart at shoulders width


just do about 50 times

when you get used to it, it it abou 100 times

I do 150

okay so 50 times

let’s do 50 together

put your legs apart

grip your toes


let’s start

how is it? is it working?

work it!

another 10

wow, it works on my calf

if you continue this, your legs don’t swell

they say that shaking your legs is removes swelling

this up and down movement

moving your toes up and down is the same as using a skipping rope

it works as a pump

if you move your pump a lot, it works on the swelling

when you are brushing your teeth or drying your hair

please try it

okay so that’s it

leg diet while doing something

this really works, so you should do it

I hope you liked it

bye bye