【30s/40s】Cafe Hopping in Tokyo ★Cute Cafes with Mom Friends.The Best Spot for a Warm Caesar Salad


There are cute private rooms

It’s so creamy!! This is really good

Hi hi, this is Rumi


Ta-da! Roppongi

I would like to introduce

a cafe that are popular among moms

in Roppongi

It’s called “Natural cafe yoomi”

I’d like to talk about three good points about this cafe



The food they make is very narural

healthy and delicious



this place is good for moms!!

Moms will like it there

because they have toys for kids

and you can do bbq at the rooftop

we can’t today though because it is raining

And they will prepare kids chairs and

cute toys

so moms can enjoy their time together



inside the cafe looks really nice and the sunlight comes in

it’s very cool

This cafe is very popular

among moms


natural kitchen yoomi

3F FLEG Roppongi Second, 7-17-19, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL 03-6434-9430

three minutes walk from “”Roppongi station”” Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

lunch: 11:30-14:00 (L.O)

tea: 14:00-17:00

dinner: 17:00-22:30 (L.O)

Closed on Mondays

Website https://nk-yoomi.jp

Instagram @naturalkitchenyoomi

Twitter @yoomi_Japan


Free WiFi available
Outlet available
\have private rooms and tables for a couple

They have a lot of toys for kids

Nice atomosphere



The sunlight comes in and it’s so nice


and they even have a bar counter

and cute private rooms



This cafe is owned by a brand called “yoomi”


They sell their brand’s items

So cute

They have baby bouncers

My food has come, it’s a warm caesar salad




Warm caesar salad

This has white sauce on top


I just broke the egg!!

I broke it first

Eggs are my favorite

bon appetit



It’s my first time trying a warm caesar salad

Your metabolism slows down

when your body is cold

It’s not good for diet and health

so I’m happy that I got a warm salad

This white sauce

it’s a whole new experience for me!! Kind of like a doria…??

I had never tried a warm salad before, but this is so good


I am going to try this cheese cake

Let’s see


So soft!!

It’s so creamy!! This is really good

I think this goes perfect with a cup of coffee

This is amazing

I am so full

The cheese cake was way too good

It was really creamy inside

the outside was crunchy and inside was really creamy

So good!!

You can go there with mom friends

or of course with girl friends

Make sure you check out “yoomi

It’s pronounced “you-me”

It’s “you-me” even though you spell “yoo”

Please check out

You can bring your kids too

because they have a safe environment

A lot of foreigners go to Roppongi

it’s good for kids also, so check out

I want to go back there with friends or mom friends

See you later!!