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【Spread Japan’s Attractions to The World!】

President Rinka’s Odyssey

Elementary school

Every day I would take at least two lessons: calculating, ballet, swimming, calligraphy, athletics, eurythmics and piano.

Soroban calculating grade 1; prima ballerina; swimming medley national champion; ordinary calligrapher; poor athlete – stayed in hospital for asthma…

Eurythmics was for me the chamber of spirit and time.

Regarding the piano I prefer classic and jazz.

I had over 100 video games at home: I played through most of the popular games of those days and my favorites are Dragon Quest and FF series.

As pets I had dogs, cats, chickens, ricebirds, a ferret, a piggy… Oh my home just like a zoo!

Middle school

At the age of 12, I started watching more than 2 movies every day.

I made friends with American kids on PC and I would chat with them to learn English. I wanted to know what actors are really saying in movies with subtitles.

I was in a tea ceremony club and a flower arrangement club at school.

I was in love with philosophy books.
As for manga, “Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Part8: Jojolion” is the best!
I was also into law: On my way to school I would read a pocket-sized compendium of laws every day.
Then a revolution broke out and it encouraged me to travel alone both in Japan and overseas – “I can be anything! I can go anywhere!”
I loved to travel alone to wonder to myself – “Why are we born? Why do our lives end?”

High school

I was thrown into despair when I was dumped by a guy who was 6 years older than me: We had been together for 6 years.
I went to China on my father’s suggestion – I didn’t want to stay in Japan where the guy was living.

With no Chinese skil, I greeted Chinese people passing by saying “An nyeong ha se yo!” In 5 months I mastered the language and now I can speak fluently. Ni hao!

Age 18

During my stay in China, I realized the huge difference of prices between Japan and China, and the possibility of overwhelming profit. It leads me to trading between those two countries. I also opened a travel agency specialized in travel to China. I visited over 50 countries in the world back then.


I run a talent agency “LIVER INC” which mainly deals with live streaming, managing more than 600 talents. Over 1500 names have been registered in the roster. It is located two minutes away from JR Harajuku Station along Takeshita Dori Street.

Why I Started “Lost in Japan”

The purpose of my whole life has been experiencing Japan’s fascinations. Like most of people who were born in Japan, I have grown up learning from manga and anime what friendship is and how to develop bonds with others. At the same time, communicating with my American friends and people in China, I discovered good aspects of foreign countries and those of Japan.
Now I understand how our spirit of hospitality “omotenashi” emerged from Japan’s characteristics.

My business “live streaming” is entertainment to introduce “now” by influencers who aim to tell “now” we live.
600 livers all over Japan belong to my company.
We hope to introduce fresh information of today’s real Japan.
We hope Japanese people in Japan get to like Japan more.
We hope foreign people in Japan discover unknown appeals of Japan.
We hope foreign people overseas learn Japanese tradition as well as the latest trend.

“Arigato” – “Thank you” in Japanese – is the word which helps us grow up.
I want to grow up more saying this word a lot.

Company Name LIVER Inc,
Address 1-16-2 Izumi Building-3B Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan
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