What’s Lost in Japan?

This channel is one that introduces Japan’s various fascinations through videos.

The LIVERs who specialize in each field present fun VLOGs divided into following categories:

Regions in Japan; Teens; Twenties; Thirties; Family; Night×Entertainments and more.

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JK Life/Common Things at School/Local Common Things/How to Be An Instagrammer/

How And Where You Can Take An Instagrammable Shot/

Secret Beauty Goods/Secret Beauty Tips /Secret Diet Method/

Latest Trends to Catch Up With/Lovely Fashionable Places for Dating/

Love/Superb Night View Spots


Real Opinions on Beauty Over 30/Beauty Treatments & Cosmetics/

Shops for Gourmet; Shops Known to Those in The Know

VLOG Hot Spring Inns; Holiday Resorts/Thinking; Mental Counselling/Local Fascinations


Shop List for People Who Need to Change The Baby’s Diaper/

Things to Buy for Newborn BabiesThings, Toys Not to Buy for Babies/

Shop List for Preschool Kids Over 4/Day-care Service/

Concept Restaurants/Mom’s Real Opinions on Beauty Shops With Activities